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Order of the Reviewers

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The Unexpected Task and the Order of the Reviewers [Jul. 17th, 2004|08:35 pm]
Order of the Reviewers

You might already know that the Unexpected Task has been most specially revived at FAP. So I'm going to point out that participating is a lovely way to fill up Category #3. Ship/Era/Whatever Not usually read.

Read heidi8's explanation here. There's a promise of a a mysterious bribe on your FAP control panel if you participate.

Go sign up!

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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2004|09:14 pm]
Order of the Reviewers

Ok, I'll jump in first - crossposted from FAP out of sheer laziness :). Please whap me over the head about those LJ tags you've been mentioning, should I've messed up.

Oh, and NM - are we including or excluding NC-17 rating for this new venture? No preference - I'd just like to know :).

Niffled Fic:
My Teenage Fan Club by After the Rain – I just *have* to quote the summary of this, it’s so priceless:
I recalled several small incidents from the last few months and came to an alarming conclusion. I had a teenage fan club ... How had I become so popular with the twelve-to-sixteen-year-old set? What did they see in a shabbily dressed, prematurely greying Defence Against the Dark Arts professor? And sweet Merlin, why couldn’t this have happened to me twenty years ago?
Has various female students throwing himself at Remus, who is not *quite* as perceptive as Lockhart would have been :). Snape has something to say about it, though. Utterly delightful characterisation, creativity and dialogue make reading this a *very* fun experience.

Author Never Read:
The True Nature of Love by Simone2677 – three chapters so far of what promises to be an intriguing Harry/Draco epic with excellent plotting and characterisation, and the jumps forward and backward in time make for a very exciting, fast-paced read.

Ship Not Usually Read:
Little Things by Pandora Culpa – Remus/Tonks is a very unusual ship for me, but Pandora Culpa does it beautifully. Set in the aftermath of Tonks’s death, it’s the little, ordinary, daily things that remind Remus most strongly of their relationship, and the personality of his lover. I’m not much into het, and don’t usually like either character too much, but this hurt very badly, in a very quiet way.

Favourite Author:
Jigsaw by Lazy_neutrino – knowing his former fellow Death Eaters are coming for him, Regulus Black stacks all his hopes in his brother Sirius – but will he come in time to save him? Will he come at all? Lazy_neutrino packs an incredible amount of emotion, tension and backstory into a very short piece so skilfully that the way in which it creeps up and chills you to the core looks almost effortless. Very powerful!

Same Thread Poster:
Marked by Elektra Vindexis – Tom/Lucius, sex, force, power-games, what more can you ask for :)? That story made me squirm, hold my breath, speculate and ponder about characterisation and motives… slash to make you think – as it should be!

Other Archive:
The Five Steps by Ari – hands down the very best ‘Harry struggling with Sirius’s death’ angst story I’ve ever read. It shows that grief can neither be classified, nor rationalised, it just *is*, immediate and unbearable. But it may lessen, a little, in time. Ari’s Harry just *hurt* to read, and left a memorable impact on me – not something you’ll be able to forget any time soon. Extremely highly recommended!
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Rules and Rationale [Jul. 13th, 2004|09:53 pm]
Order of the Reviewers

Inspired by the thread at FAP, the Order of the Reviewers is both a challenge to encourage reviewing, and also a way to rec the fics that you've read.

N.B. The Order of the Reviewers on LJ is not associated with Fiction Alley in any way, shape, or form.

Here are the rules.Collapse )
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A New Era Dawns [Jul. 13th, 2004|09:51 pm]
Order of the Reviewers

Welcome to the Order of the Reviewers, the LJ edition. In a moment, I'll be posting the rules for your reference, so pin on your sashes, hold on to your seats, and get ready to rumble.

For those wondering what the heck is going on, this project stems out of a conversation between myself and isiscolo, in which we were waxing nostalgic about the good old days of 'The Order of the Reviewers' on FAP. Since those days, there's been a massive move of fans to LJ as their primary fandom base. There was a flash of inspiration. What about making the Order of the Reviewers into an LJ community?

Well, here we are. I'm stocking up on the sashes and looking forward to reading reviews.

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