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The Order of the Reviewers

Because Reviews Are Important

Order of the Reviewers
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Inspired by the thread at FAP, the Order of the Reviewers is both a challenge to encourage reviewing, and also a way to rec the fics that you've read.

N.B. The Order of the Reviewers on LJ is not associated with Fiction Alley in any way, shape, or form.

Here are the rules.

1. Read and review one Niffled or Classic fic (One of those ones that lots of people seem to know, but you've never read) story. Classic is defined very loosely. There is no Fandom Canon to be observed.

2. Read and review one fic by an author you have never read.

3. Read and review a fic with a ship/era which you don't usually read *or* a fic that's either written pre-OotP or post-OotP, if the overwhelming majority of your reading over the last while has been in one or the other. (For example, if you haven't been reading anything post-OotP, this is the time to start. Or the other way around.)

4. Read and review one story found through a link in a signature, or on a thread, or through the FAP quote generator. Practically, this can mean review someone who reviewed you, but the new rules are meant to be expansive.

5. Read and review a favourite author. (In answer to several questions, let me emphasize that this does not mean your most favouritest authors in the fandom. It means someone whose work you like enough to read more of their stuff.)

6. Read and review a story hosted on another archive/place than the one you usually read at.

Nota Bene:

Cut-tags must be used at all times.

There is no requirement to do this every week (or I'd be in major trouble). Review when you can. Also, if you don't do all six categories, it's fine to just post the ones you did do.

A week in this challenge does not refer to the Monday-Sunday week. It's up to you when you want to post your lists of what you have reviewed in the space of the last few days.

We don't demand really long reviews, but please no one-liners! You should be able to write the author a short and readable paragraph at least.

When you post your lists of 6 fics you reviewed, please include links so we can have the fun of reading them too.

If you join, you get a virtual sash to proclaim your membership. It comes in four colours. Green with silver embroidery. Red with gold embroidery. Blue with bronze embroidery. And yellow with black embroidery. And you can tell people about how you have it and what it looks like. Never say I'm not creative.